Asset Management

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Knowledge, and Industry Experience

Asset Management at The Muller Company is powered by The Company’s entrepreneurial owner’s approach combined with its market knowledge and industry experience. With every asset, The Muller Company manages risk and creates value, preserving and enhancing value that is already there, thus maximizing a property’s performance and increasing its long term value.

The Asset Management Process

The Muller Company’s Asset Management Team is intensely involved in all stages of the Asset Management Process, from acquisition to disposition, as well as the development and execution strategy for each asset, including: Supervision of Property Management, Leasing Supervision, Lease Audits/ Analysis/ Negotiation, Cash Management, Fund Distribution, Financial Reporting, Risk Management and Performance Analysis

The Asset Management Team

The Muller Company Asset Management Team comprises its entire tight-knit senior executive group who are available to align their particular skills to the needs of the client. Whether clients require the high level insight of The Muller Company’s entrepreneuial owners, the analysis of its accounting department, the valuation of its acquisitions experts, the development skills of its construction managers, or the operational expertise of its management and leasing managers, the company has the team available. Leveraging its creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, The Muller Company collaborates to consistently create real estate success.